Cristian Jimenez

3D Design Specialist

I enjoy bringing things to life through the power of 3D and generating a powerful message through my creative decision making.

Bachelor's degree, Digital Arts and Design 2016-2018
3D Modeling
Video Editing
Good Communicator

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Introducing the Draper® Foundation® Mount System for Direct View LED Panels

March 21, 2022

The Draper® Foundation® Mount System has all the keys to give you a flawless experience. Its innovative and rugged design, complete side trim option, and pricing combine to make it the bedrock of your LED project.

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HP-L-10.10: The all-in-one laser scanner for CMMs

Fast, accurate and flexible are the words to describe the HP-L-10.10 laser line scanner. HP-L-10.10 isn’t just superior when it comes to performance and accuracy; together with PC-DMIS measuring software it also brings unique new functions that transform the usage of CMMs during programming and executing measurement programs, as well as for advanced reporting and collaboration.

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Introducing Max Pro- Segway Commercial

September 10, 2020

The Segway Commercial Max Pro shared e-scooter is your path to simple, efficient operation. It features a tech of the future- a swappable battery pack. Forget fast charging. The quicker and easy to remove and change battery pack means added flexibility for you as operators and increased effective range for riders. With a swappable battery, The Max Pro is ready to take you anywhere.

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LeddarTech introduces the LeddarSteer DBS

July 15, 2022

LeddarSteer™ is a digital beam steering device (or DBS) based on a liquid crystal and polarization gratings that steers light to the desired angles rapidly, accurately, and reliably. Configurable Beam Steering LeddarSteer divides the FoV into discrete tiles that can be assembled to create the complete frame, with or without a region of interest. These FoV configurations can be changed on-the-fly, depending on the vehicle’s speed or environment, to enable multiple ADAS and AD use cases to be fulfilled from a single LiDAR design.

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MVP Launches RAM 48

MVP launched a new model of its Reactive Additive Manufacturing (RAM) system to enable cost-effective fabrication of thermoset materials at medium- and large-scale. The new model, named RAM 48, has a print area of four-by-eight-feet with modular, expandable four-by-four-foot sections to allow for custom build dimensions. Since the launch of the RAM system in 2019, MVP has discovered new applications for this technology, and it designed RAM 48 to complement its original RAM 816 model and take full advantage of these breakthroughs.

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Walbro GIE+EXPO 2021

Walbro EFI makes it easier for engine manufacturers to transition from flow carburetors to low emissions fuel control. Building on vast experience, Walbro EFI reduces evaporative and exhaust emissions, giving greater control over the engine, all in the space of a traditional carburetor.

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