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Cristian Jimenez

3D Design Specialist

3D and 23: A Lesson in 3D Design from a Michael Jordan Tribute Short Film

Recently, the MarketScale team went to go see AIR, a movie about the creation of the AIR Jordans and how NIKE was able to sign one of the greatest players of all time.

As a 3D artist I look for inspiration anywhere I can, so coincidentally, I came across this short film about Michael Jordan where 3D was used in conjunction with old archival footage. I really like the juxtaposition this creates with precisely rendered imagery against raw and grainy film. Additionally, it fits well with the narrative of the film which explores a “rebirth” of Michael Jordan. New vs. Old.

Another visual effect I really liked was the particle “sand-like” space the shoe was placed in, along with some jagged rocks and a sort of gold dust. This works as well because it directly relates to gold as a mineral but invokes a sense of rigidity and toughness. The particles can also be associated with ash-like imagery, like a phoenix being “Reborn.” No pun intended. In conclusion, creatives in general draw inspiration from everywhere but one of the best places to find it is within films and visuals themselves. This will be the first of many videos that I will breakdown and analyze, to help you look through my 3D Camera Lens. 🙂

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