Dan Gundry

Vice President and Managing Director VuWall USA

Dan is an experienced technology professional and a well-respected voice in the command and control market. Dan now leads VuWall USA, building its brand and presence in the United States and directing overall sales, engineering and operations for the division. Dan's unique career path, beginning in construction management and operations, to sales and marketing, to technologist and subject matter expert, and finally to management and administration, affords him insight and experience unparalleled within this industry. Dan regularly speaks at industry events, educating on command-and-control best practices, human factors engineering, and risk management for technology projects.

1991 - 1992
1994 - 1996
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Recent Posts

control room environments
NOC Your SOCs Off

Securing Products for Today’s Control Room Environments

Dan Gundry - October 11, 2023

On NOC Your SOCs Off, host Dan Gundry and Barco's Product Security Officer, Timo Kosig, discuss the evolution of product security in control room environments, emphasizing the critical distinction between corporate and product security. Highlighting the potential widespread impact of a security breach in control rooms overseeing critical infrastructure, they explore the limitations of traditional measures like air-gapping and underscore the need for a holistic approach.

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data + comms

The Operation Center Communication Equation: Data + Comms = Interconnectivity

Jon Paul Beauchamp - September 8, 2023

In todays fast-paced digital age, the seamless integration of data and comms is paramount. As industries evolve, efficient and effective operation centers are becoming increasingly crucial.

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NOC Your SOCs Off

NOC Your SOCs Off: Evolution of and Best Practices in GSOCs

Dan Gundry - May 2, 2023

The workforce has changed as a result of COVID, but also from technology marching on. Some businesses and places of work dont adapt as readily, leaving some companies and their employees behind.

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NOC--Season 1 Episodes

Harnessing the Power of Virtual Reality in the NOC

Dan Gundry - April 4, 2023

The control room industry is rapidly evolving, and one of the latest innovations in the space is virtual command centers. On this episode of the NOC Your SOCs Off podcast, Mark Templeton, founder of Headwell VR, joins Dan Gundry to explore this emerging technology and its potential applications.

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Command and control market
NOC--Season 1 Episodes

School Safety and the Criticality of Audio Systems in Control Rooms

Dan Gundry - March 14, 2023

Join Dan Gundry on his podcast, NOC Your SOCs Off, as he sheds light on the hidden stories in the command and control market.In this first installment, Gundry speaks with AtlasIED's VP of Sales, Michael Peveler, about mass communication and controller environments, and why audio is important.

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