A Mid-Year Look Into Popular Interior Design Materials and Colors

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2018’s popular interior design colors took an edgier turn from the color trends in 2017. Ultra Violet—the Pantone Color of the Year—has been integrated with sharper reds and intense metallics, in opposition to the 2017 neutrals, and this color palette will likely define the trends for 2019.

To get a sense of where next year’s popular interior designs, materials and colors are going, early summer is a great time to pause and examine the mid-year favorites in the industry.

From Edgy Paint Colors to Floral Prints

JWT Associates, 4030 Pebble

In addition to the edgy reds as popular paint colors, homeowners are opting for big splashes of bright goldenrod to light up a room and expressive turquoise to make a statement in the mid-year interior color schemes. Alongside woven textures and finishes in brass and stone, these bold colors take on an even more distinctive look and are predicted to remain strong through the remainder of the year.

Prints and patterns in flora and fauna are among the new materials used in interior design to liven up today’s spaces as well, according to the design predictions.

Mix Trending Home Décor Colors and Textures

Alison Kandler, 2141 Blizzard

Renowned UK interior designer Vanessa Arbuthnott encourages the layering of four critical elements: color, texture, scale and shape. In a House Beautiful article, Arbuthnott offers some valuable tips on mixing materials to create an aesthetically pleasing and modern feel to any room.

Arbuthnott encourages designers not to fear mixing shapes, sizes, patterns and textures. Subtle florals juxtaposed with soft stripes offer muted diversity while using different colorways of the same design creates a fun and eclectic look that avoids overstatement. Neutral accessories showcase fabrics. A statement wall can serve as a contrast to the flooring or can blend with floor colors to allow the room’s contrasting accents to shine, depending on the desired look.

Let Nature Be Your Architect

8630 Sirena from the Concetto Collection

Another trend for 2018 is the incorporation of the natural environment of a space into its design. In a minimalist culture in which less is more, using the natural landscape and incorporating eco-friendly interior design materials has become highly desirable. Shawn Henderson of Shawn Henderson Design aims to “design a space that fits within the architecture it resides in and, in some way, reflect the geography of its location.” His current waterfront resort project incorporates the structure’s natural limestone and showcases its breathtaking ocean view.

Timeless Caesarstone Surfaces Lead the Trends

4046 Excava

Caesarstone offers distinctively creative surface aesthetics made from versatile, elegant and sturdy quartz. Our innovative designs speak to the way homeowners live and honors every different lifestyle. For example, Excava from the new Metropolitan Collectionfeatures an industrial look in which concrete and rust coexist to make a bold statement in any space. Excava is just one of the new line of colors leading the trends in texture and design, from Caesarstone.

Learn more here about how Caesarstone can become a beautiful component of your current and future home design with surfaces featuring elegant performance to last many years to come.

Read more at caesarstoneus.com


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