Has your facility been affected by a catastrophic bus duct failure?  If so, you certainly recognize the tremendous cost and time associated with repairing and replacing critical power transmission components.  Unfortunately, these systems are often neglected, as many believe that equipment without moving internal parts does not require regular maintenance.

Aging systems that have not been properly maintained are at increasing risk of failure, leading to a sudden power disruption.  Regular inspection in combination with professional repairs is a proactive approach to avoid costly unplanned outages, prolonged downtime, and personal safety risk.

Avoiding Bus Failure

High current bus deterioration follows an exponential curve.  As time passes without proper maintenance, the deterioration rate increases more and more, resulting in a system failure.  A well-constructed maintenance plan can pinpoint areas of concern and rectify them before an unplanned outage occurs.

Thermal inspection can locate areas of concern, such as loose or broken connections, before major issues arise.  These issues must be rectified immediately, so experienced maintenance professionals with the proper training, equipment, and repair materials is essential.

NERC standards have become increasingly rigorous and each facility must maintain detailed records of every subsystem to avoid exceeding equipment ratings.  Ensuring your systems meet the ANSI C37.23 standard and having the correct documentation is crucial to ensuring compliance.

Common Bus Failure Modes

Bus failure can occur from a wide variety of root causes.

  • Condensation
  • Degraded conductor connections
  • Dirt and debris
  • Damaged gaskets and bellows
  • Circulating currents
  • Grounding issues
  • Improper termination design
  • Poor installation procedures
  • Water intrusion
  • Cracked welding joints
  • Fatigue due to age and usage 

AZZ Preventative Maintenance Services

Causes of failure can be avoided with regular preventative maintenance by AZZ.  Offering a full suite of services, AZZ’s experts can locate, diagnose, and remedy any bus issues before costly unplanned outages occur.

A proper bus inspection is critical to identifying emerging issues.  AZZ performs a thorough inspection of the bus systems to look for any damage, hot spots, installation and termination irregularities, water intrusion, welding joint problems, and more.  Next, cleaning and testing of the bus system ensures the equipment is in working order and functioning properly.

Should any irregularities be discovered, AZZ has the capability to make repairs by installing replacement parts and performing silver re-plating as needed––in a timely manner.

AZZ understands that major bus failure results in costly and prolonged downtime for your business.  By partnering with AZZ for preventative maintenance services for regular bus system evaluation, you can avoid these expensive outages, ensure compliance with regulations and standards, and improve your business’s bottom line.

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