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When the World Economic Forum introduced the term “Fourth Industrial Revolution” in 2016, it helped define the rapidly shifting lines between physical, digital, and technological spheres of influence. Technology and machinery are evolving, and literally revolving, faster than ever, and that’s rapid change is the motivation behind Bartell Machinery Systems‘ new podcast, The Fourth Revolution.

Host Daniel Litwin sat down with Shawn Lawlor, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Bartell, to discuss what to expect from this new thought leadership show and highlight upcoming discussions on how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the way manufacturers approach data in manufacturing.

“There’s a lot happening in this space — some of it kind of intimidating. Where do you start? Who do you trust as an expert in that space,” Lawlor said. “We thought we’d share our trials and tribulations, our experiences in this space, and also tap thought leaders to share that [knowledge] with other manufacturers.”

Rome, New York-based Bartell works with clients in a variety of industries, including tire and rubber, wire and cable, and oil and gas, but there’s a unifying challenge across these industries.

“Machine builders want visibility into their production processes to measure things to be more effective,” Lawlor said. “Data is king, right? Now that data is being used for machine health. They’re doing predictive maintenance and using AI to correct itself and make production and process changes on the fly. That’s an exciting use of the data.”

“These aren’t just elemental tactics. These are industry changing, business-changing things.”

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