Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Ideas Trending in 2018

Right now is considered by experts to be a great time to remodel your home. A recent study by the Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies supports 2018 is a record year for such endeavors. Remodeling is beneficial in many ways, as it can improve the way homeowners live while increasing the value of their home. And with technology constantly in forward motion, the smart home is always a smart choice.

Just the thought of new, improved living spaces is pretty exciting. However, knowing where to start can feel like a roadblock, and that is true for any creative project. Researching and reviewing current remodeling trends can be the perfect way to jumpstart your imagination. We’ve taken some of the guesswork out of your task and done our own research to help you decide which direction to take your redesign. Here are some of the most innovative home improvement ideas trending in 2018.

Open Kitchens

Cayton Design Studio – 4350 Lagos Blue

The kitchen has become the central hub of the modern home. In 2018, you’ll see homeowners ditching their small, closed off kitchens for wider, open concept remodels that provide more space. There are plenty of possibilities for redesign, depending on your current floorplan. Open concepts continue to dominate so that activity in the home can be centralized.

With smart technology making our lives easier, most kitchen remodels include at least a few high-tech options. Improved areas for work and more innovative and expanded storage options are just a couple of the breakthroughs.

Vibrant Color

Martyn Lawrence Bullard – House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year Show Home

Color is a leading platform for home remodeling and design, according to Houzz. Many modern homeowners are enamored with deep, intense color in every room and even in appliances. Splashes of color are transforming rooms from the standard neutrals of recent years to vivid scenes of lively color. In fact, the Sherwin-Williams color of the year is a deep aquatic blue known as Oceanside.

It’s been said that contemporary homeowners yearn for spaces that comfort, and “we’re doing it…through color – to make our homes feel sort of nurturing and tender,” Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball’s international color consultant, recently told the New York Times. “Instead of coming into clean, white houses, we’re going into homes that sort of give us a hug.”

Better Homes & Gardens encourages even the most color-shy to face their fears and add some splashes of vibrant greens or blues, and “for a high-energy look,” they suggest that homeowners “throw down a bright area rug, add some splashy slipcovers, or even paint a bold accent wall.”

Green Living

4011 Cloudburst Concrete

Eco-friendly living continues to be a home renovation and décor goal in 2018, particularly as homeowners are increasingly eschewing new homes and opting instead to update their current, older homes. Extremely popular are energy-efficient appliances, locally sourced and/or eco-friendly materials, and even home automation.

Homeowners are installing energy-efficient windows, doors and siding, and roofing systems. Solar shingles are a key material in this transition to green living.

Outdoor Living

Melissa Morgan Design – 1141 Pure White

Outdoor kitchens are extremely popular now as well. With mobile entertainment a regular part of our lives, we can move movies and music outside, and as such our outdoor designs have become more important. With activities that used to take place in the living room now taking place in backyards, landscaping and other remodel concerns outdoors are trending.

Bigger Bathrooms

Gary Rosard Architect – 2141 Blizzard

The large bathroom has never gone out of style. The designers at House Beautiful have showcased some bathroom remodel ideas in pictures with bathrooms large enough to bear the addition of a bathroom island, and the results are storage-practical and aesthetically stunning.

Natural Elements

4003 Sleek Concrete

Technology is constantly advancing, which means there are always new elements to utilize in redesign. One popular benefit of these advancements is the ability to imitate wood and other natural materials. With natural elements in high demand, this evolution in design is making a difference in modern homes.

When natural materials are used indoors, simplicity and comfort are added to a space. The design gurus at BHG explain that organic elements bring life to a strictly modern room and offer this advice: “From planted pots and a real fire to a simple centerpiece of fresh flowers, incorporate touches of nature and life to keep modern style livable and inviting.”

Metropolitan Collection for Your Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Caesarstone cares about the trends in the design world, including the latest in remodeling innovation. And we care about the way you live. The newest designs from our Metropolitan Collection are a great fit with the trends in color and natural ambiance. From the earthy Excava and natural cool of Frozen Terra to the stone feel of our various concrete looks, this collection is an exciting addition to our already elegant line of beautiful quartz surface options for your living spaces.

Whether expanding the bathroom with a cool and rugged quartz surfaced island, adding a minimalist unpolished quartz surface in your standup shower, or opening up your kitchen space with a rustic or earthy shade of quartz, the look and feel of Caesarstone’s impeccable designs can transform any space in your home.


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