Boost Innovation and Flexibility with a Modern Workspace

The Post-War economic boom of 1950’s America saw the birth and growth of many startup businesses, as well as meager unemployment rates. Known as the “Decade of Prosperity,” this era was characterized by a higher number of people in the workplace than ever before.[1] From this phenomenon grew the need for office workspace reform, and the impact from these changes still resonates more than half a century later.

This time period was also the decade of the open office plan, mainly utilized to accommodate increased numbers of staff, so this layout made sense. However, in recognition of the need for worker privacy, the cubicle was created in 1964 and continued to thrive for four decades.[2]

Workplace Evolution

The new Millennium ushered in new ideas about space, and the modern business owner is armed with more knowledge than ever before about workplace mental health. As a result, business leaders realize that they need to get creative about the use of space. They see that the open office plan is dying, but also recognize that an either/or approach solves specific problems while creating others.

Easy Ways to Adapt a Space

Today’s office space is trending toward innovation and malleability. Thus, there are various possibilities for the original allocation of space to offer private nooks incorporated into an open space. Here are a few smart and simple examples:

  • Add multi-purpose workstations. Create an area that features a flexible panel to construct a partially enclosed area with a table, laptop, writing utensils, and electrical outlets. This can be a great place to meet with one or two colleagues or have a private session to attack a task with fewer distractions.
  • Utilize flexible storage. Today’s storage options are nearly endless and using the popular and efficient modular units on wheels with adaptable surfaces means employees can take their office with them and hide away in a corner or roll on over to a colleague’s desk for a one-on-one about that looming deadline.
  • Fall in love with adjustable desks. Take advantage of innovative lightweight furniture that is easily pushed together in threes or fours for networking when necessary and separating for individual tasks.
  • Incorporate walled-off spaces using adjustable panels. Your large open space can be divided by movable panels in one area of the room. This is an excellent option for quiet activities, while the other half features long galley desks along with a wall of whiteboards or a collaborative video wall, creating flexible spaces for various types of tasks.

At Welformed, we are reinventing interiors, and we have specialized staff to consult with you on the new vision for your modern workspace. We understand the critical balance between the roles of the individual and the community for the success of any endeavor; from the small startup to the thriving corporation, to the service-focused nonprofit organization. That’s why we are here to help you transform your current layout to the space that suits the personality of your workplace. We can’t wait to talk to you and make your office dream a reality.




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