Buying a Walk-In Cooler or Freezer FAQ

Buying a walk-In cooler or freezer can be overwhelming, but help is here. KPS Global, the industry-leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers and freezers for supermarket and convenience stores has developed a FAQ page on their website to address many of the commonly asked questions during the buying process.

Research Your Needs

Constructed of two metal skins sandwiching a frame system with poured-in-place polyurethane foam, our panels.  KPS Global customers can choose between wood or INSULFRAME™ high-density foam panel frames that are locked together via cam-locks.  Walk-in coolers or freezers are available in both customizable and quick ship options, ensuring a seamless buying decision whatever the need. Other customization includes a variety of smoothed or embossed finishes, standard and specialty colors or prints, and varying thicknesses to select from. And because food safety and sterility are critical in certain environments, antimicrobial or NSF-compliant treatments are also available.

If a customized solution isn’t necessary, KPSG also provides standard-size, NSF-certified, single compartment walk-in coolers and freezers with no custom metal finishes. KPSG quick-ship boxescome with a 3’x6′6” flushmount door and are ideal for restaurants, bakeries, bars, breweries and other foodservice operations requiring smaller, commonly-sized walk-in coolers or freezers. Intended for indoor use, quick ship boxes ship in 72 hours and can be leveraged by businesses needing immediate cold storage.

KPS Global also has a variety of component offerings including refrigeration, lighting, shelving and more. And because wear and tear will happen, KPS Global also offers a wide variety of replacement equipment and aftermarket parts including door components, strip curtains, battens, sweeps, etc. Custom-made swing doors and door sections are available to ship within five to seven business days, and KPS Global replaces other brands walk-in doors, regardless of metal finish, wiring requirements, or needs. KPSG has also compiled some tips to protect vulnerable doors.

Further, with a single point of contact to oversee the entire process, including scheduling, contractors, walk-in panels, refrigeration, electrical, and more, KPS Global’s turnkey contracting team can remodel an existing walk-in, even another manufacturer’s product. KPSG has three strategically-located manufacturing plants with field techs and installation crews located across the country to assist with surveys of existing sites or turnkey projects requiring specialized insight. KPS Global has not only solved complex challenges relating to Online Grocery Pickup, but has unique experience with other projects, including art storage. KPSG’s knowledgeable team of experts can help determine the right cold storage solution for any setting.

Thinking About Getting A Quote?

Getting a quote from KPS Global is easy. Once project requirements have been finalized, simply contact KPSG directly or complete an online quote application. And in this case, more is better—the more information accurately provided will help to ensure a smooth overall process. However, when unsure and needing help with exact specifications, pick up the phone and give KPSG a call.

Driven by application and project needs, panel type, finish, and thickness all factor into quote pricing, as well as components sourced from various OEMs. And known for delivering unique projects with a high level of customization and very specific usage, clients can rest assured knowing that special requests are the norm for KPS Global. Turnaround times for walk-in coolers and freezers or insulated panel systems for industrial applications can range 1-7 business days, depending on quote complexity. However, for highly specialized or customized projects where KPSG works with other manufacturers for refrigeration, lighting, or other components, quotes may take longer. KPS Global’s in-house experts will assist with design and engineering, and a refrigeration sizing specialist will help determine the appropriate type of refrigeration needed for the job.

Your Delivery and Installation

KPS Global has three, strategically-located manufacturing plants across the country—Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee. With all three locations operating via a single schedule, KPSG can plan jobs according to project timelines, location, and available manufacturing space. This mono-scheduling allows KPSG to offer consistent lead times of 3-4 weeks year-round, with specialty products or finishes sometimes requiring additional lead time.

Managed by a designated contact that coordinates and oversees the entire process, KPSG boasts a nationwide database of factory-trained contractors offering installation for new walk-in coolers and freezers and turnkey remodeling or renovation services of existing systems. While installation can be performed by others, KPS Global offers a 1-year warranty on panels installed by KPSG-certified contractors while relying on the warranties of the various trades/OEMs typically involved in turnkey projects.

Maintaining your Walk-In Cooler or Freezer

To keep walk-in coolers or freezers in tip-top shape, KPS Global recommends following specific maintenance tips. These tips include inspecting the sweep gasket monthly, adjusting as necessary to allow free movement and proper seal. Any damaged hardware should be replaced immediately to prevent permanent damage to the door. Please note that door hardware is self-lubricating and will not require periodic lubrication. If frost or condensation appears around the door jamb or the heated pressure relief vent indicates that the electric heater is inoperable, check the electrical connections and power supply (must be 115V), replacing heaters as necessary. Further, all metal surfaces, magnetic door gasketing, and door sweep gasket should be cleaned frequently, using a mild detergent and hot water to ensure all soap film is removed, then dried thoroughly with a clean cloth. High pressure hoses, large amounts of water, acetone, or paint thinners should not be used to clean walk-ins.

Set up regularly scheduled maintenance checks, refer to KPSG’s Maintenance and Housekeeping Recommendations when necessary, and take action when an issue arises.

When it comes to buying a walk-in coolers or freezers, KPS Global wants to make the buying decision simple, providing superior products along with design, engineering, installation, and parts necessary to ensure many years of service. Visit the FAQ page to learn more.

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