At Fibrebond not only do we manufacture sturdy and robust protective structures to house mission-critical equipment, but we also make sure that our customers enjoy a smooth process from start to finish. Our commitment to providing world-class service means handling matters that may arise when it comes to deploying one of our enclosures. One concern that frequently pops up among our customers: state certifications.

Each State Is Unique

Thirty-four different states require protective housings to be appropriately certified, and no two certification processes are exactly the same. Each state has its own rules and regulations that must be met in order to be certified, and some guidelines are more stringent than others. The purpose of these requirements is to ensure that enclosures are built to standards that can withstand harsh elements and intrusion. While Fibrebond customers may not be aware of the requirements their particular state demands, the truth is they don’t have to be. That’s because we have an in-house compliance department that is tasked with getting each building state certified before it arrives on site.

The Fibrebond Compliance Team

Our in-house team understands the particularities of each state’s codes. Texas’s codes are very particular, and buildings must be approved by the Industrialized Housing and Building (IHB) and listed as a certified building manufacturer for the state. Alabama has its own unique process and requires completing a special training class every few years to be certified. In fact, it’s the only state with this prerequisite. Many states impose an annual fee. Nineteen different states require an inspection, and fourteen of them will send out a testing agent to evaluate whether the building has earned certification. While the processes vary across the nation, our compliance team is dedicated to staying on top of each state’s demands.

Proven Expertise in Risk Mitigation

Fibrebond has over 48,000 housings in the field, and each one is state certified where required. Due to the sheer number of enclosures we’ve delivered, our dedicated in-house team has spent untold hours becoming knowledgeable with each state’s requirements. Our compliance professionals are experts when it comes to the many different certifications processes and must stay up-to-date with the latest code changes. We do this not only to protect ourselves, but also our customers. If we, or any house builder, were to ship a building without meeting the state requirements then the building could be stopped at the border. This could result in late shipments and LDs incurred. Our experienced and dedicated state certification team is just one of the many ways we mitigate risk on projects.

A Fibrebond protective enclosure is an asset that is only good if it can pass the certification process for the state where it’s being delivered. By following LEAN manufacturing principles and using advanced technological during production, we can ensure our structure will meet the certification requirements for that state. Plus, our compliance officers work closely with the production team to make sure each housing is built to the proper codes. It’s all part of the comprehensive service Fibrebond provides, so customers have one less thing to worry about.


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