Hank’s Austin – Among Designers’ Picks for Best Restaurant Décor

Hank’s Restaurant, which is nestled comfortably in the Windsor Park neighborhood of Austin, Texas, has taken southerners by storm with its delectable range of cuisine—from “California-style comfort food” to high-end seafood options and gourmet burgers—customized to suit every taste. Hank’s is proud to create all their menu options on-site, including daily fresh-baked breads and pastries, as well as hand-crafted pastas. In addition, Hank’s is considered the home of one of the most beautifully-styled restaurant interiors, as chosen by designers in a recent Domino magazine article.

While this Austin eatery is proud of its impeccable food and drink offerings, they also have a lot to brag about aesthetically-speaking: Hank’s features a minimalist and fresh interior: livened up by multiple plants, flooded with natural light through several oversized windows, and embraced by an elegant wrap-around bar. A fine example of treasures for the taste buds as well as all the other senses, it is the perfect environment to showcase the classic beauty of Caesarstone quartz surfaces that take restaurant design to a higher level.

Why Restaurant Design Matters

Hank’s is a semi-new eatery that feels even newer due to the design achievements with Caesarstone countertops and other surfaces. While food takes center stage at a restaurant like this, ambiance keeps customers coming back. A successful eatery understands that dining isn’t just an activity; it’s an experience. Hank’s Austin local designer Claire Zinnecker recently completed this minimal, of-the-moment spot in the art-eclectic capital of the Lone Star State.

“It’s my baby,” she brags, and to that, we say, “Let’s book a flight to see for ourselves!”

How Caesarstone Helps Set the Mood

Zinnecker selected Caesarstone for its classy look and feel that matched well with the style she hoped to achieve. As an Austin hot spot that caters to the simple, clean comfort of its guests, Caesarstone was naturally the luxury quartz surface of choice. The Millennial dream, this much-anticipated eatery continues the trend of casual, all-day dining in an elevated setting.

The designers thought of everything to give locals a laid-back feel in a sleek and sophisticated atmosphere that is truly breathtaking. And Caesarstone couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of this restaurant in one of the best foodie destinations of America. Hank’s is the newest venture for Andy Means and Jessie Katz, owners of the former Austin hot spot Henri’s Cheese and Wine Shop. The family-friendly, easy-going approach includes fare such as burgers, sandwiches, pasta and pastries along with a full bar, tapped with wine, beer and frozen Paloma.

Why Quartz in a Hospitality Setting

Caesarstone is not solely used for countertops; it beautifies other design elements in the restaurant. The quartz surfaces are durable and nonporous and are optimal in any active hospitality environment. White Attica, a combination of dense, dark and mild grey veins that traverse across a flawless white base, merges modern and classic design elements, enriching the lunch and dinner tables at the restaurant, bar top, fireplace and bathrooms, as well as elevating the beer tap wall. White Attica is the perfect complement to an interior that features “white walls, high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling industrial style windows, with a variety of uniquely furnished (but equally well-lit) dining areas,” as described in an article on the Interior Collective website.

The Caesarstone color Raw Concrete tops the coffee bar, giving the collective space an urban feel with a slight industrial aesthetic. The overall look meets the owners’ goals of creating a cozy, small feel in the large 8,500 square feet space by adding warmth while seamlessly pulling all the restaurant’s aesthetic elements together.

Why Hank’s for Best Restaurant Décor

In a city in which food is art, and in a region in which food is love, the owners of Hank’s knew they had to choose their environment as painstakingly as they developed their menu offerings. Their desire was to authentically express all that is Austin in one space: funky, diverse, sleek, creative, friendly and welcoming.

Staying true to the phenomenon of Austin culture also meant offering restaurant customers not just incredible food, but an attractive environment, and Caesarstone is thrilled to have been included in this avantgarde undertaking. Hank’s is located at 5811 Berkman Drive and is dog-friendly. Customers can enjoy a beautiful and comfortable interior or spacious patio. Just like the designers for this trendy eatery, Caesarstone understands the importance of being true to a space and utilizing design to create an experience.

Learn more about what Caesarstone is doing to create memorable experiences in all kinds of spaces!

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