Often it can feel like new technology does nothing but make our lives more complicated, but on today’s episode of the MarketScale AEC Podcast we’re going to take a look at two innovations that are making the lives of AEC professionals easier.

Michael Merle, VP of Business Development at Guerdon Modular Buildings, hops on the show to talk about the increasingly large role of modular construction. He explains their practicality and efficiency for those in the industry. Ryan Johnson, an architect with Clark Nexsen, joins the show to discuss how cloud technology has improved communication and collaboration throughout the duration of a project.

The Future of Construction

Modular construction has been around for years now, but why is it finally being embraced by developers? What are the benefits? What are the misconceptions? To help us break it all down, we sat down with Michael Merle, VP of Business Development over at Guerdon Modular Buildings. Michael knows the industry well and offers us many real-world examples of how modular construction has become more efficient and practical than ever.

Communicate & Collaborate Better Through the Cloud

Communication is an important aspect of business for any industry. When it comes to AEC, communication from architects to contractors and sub-contractors is a necessity. With the emergence of cloud-based technology, communication and collaboration has been made possible to an extent that hasn’t been seen before.

The more information we can share and the more sub-contractors are willing to take the data and use it, it’s a win-win,” says Ryan Johnson, Architect with Clark Nexsen. Johnson joins the podcast to walk through each phase of a project, from to design to bidding to construction, and explains how cloud technology is beneficial through each one.

He also helps assuage any concerns about opening data up to be viewed by others. He argues that all plans can be fully viewed once the building is finished anyways, so there’s little reason to be concerned.

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