Listen: DroneDeploy Thermal Mapping Technology Could Save Lives


Traditional drone mapping has always required a bit of post-flight production to reveal the data that was collected. Drone software company, DroneDeploy has just changed that timeline with the launch of its new Thermal Live Map application.

While the standard survey process has utilized either an SD card or a live internet connection to collate data, this new solution sends real-time data directly to the operator’s smartphone. They can see the data as it’s collected, even watching as it’s stitched into the larger map that is being created.

The map is saved locally to the operator’s phone or tablet, and is uploaded to the cloud once the device regains internet access.

Real-time thermal imaging can help solar panel operators locate problems more efficiently, assist search and rescue operations in locating people lost in high density forests, and even help firefighters determine where a fire is hottest.

The software is currently limited to iOS devices and DJI drones, due to DJI’s Occusync transmission technology.

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