The recent competition for the location of Amazon’s HQ2 has really generated a lot of buzz nationwide as many cities look to submit their best qualities as to why they should be considered. Of course, places like Denver, Chicago, New York City, Dallas, and even Austin have proved themselves to be top contenders but to the surprise of many is rise of this city: Indianapolis.

Some may still be puzzled as to why Indianapolis was to make the list but for residents, it’s clear that the whole city has diversifying for quite some time not only building a reputable transit and park infrastructure, but also creating its very own tech scene. All of this is occurring while still maintaining a high level of affordability. With all this to consider, the city still faces its own set of challenges as they still seek to achieve broad-based prosperity. Bill Taft, Executive Director of the Indianapolis Local Initiatives Support Corporation recently said that, “We have a civic culture that’s really good at taking on and accomplishing big, common goals.”

So, don’t write off Indianapolis as they’ve truly proved themselves to be quite the competitor when it comes to Amazon making their final decision on their next Headquarter location.