As the Architecture industry continues to skyrocket, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that closing new business deals can still be a struggle for many firms. This is considering the fact that word of mouth just doesn’t seem to do it anymore when it comes to generating new business leads. So, when it comes to gaining new leads and thriving in the industry, there are 3 things that all firms should do if they want to continue succeeding in their business. First off, embrace the fact that there is a new birthplace for leads, and it isn’t client referrals.

To experience real growth, you’ll need to set up a full fledge targeted online and offline systems that nurtures new relationships into new opportunities. Secondly, accept the fact that not all leads are considered equal because many will not be ready to purchase from you, however, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be essential in the future. Lastly, start pumping out educational content as this is the single best way to generate interest and referrals from non-clients. In fact, 94% of referrals admitted to choosing a firm based on their reputation, expertise, and visibility; all things accomplished by targeted industry content.

With this process continuing to evolve, it’s crucial that we understand that the old ways have gone and the new methods are how we will continue to move forward in growing our businesses.