Listen: Top Construction Firms Teaming Up with Tech Companies to Increase Automation


If the box-office appeal of superhero movies is any indication, many of us would appreciate super-strength and enhanced endurance.

The construction industry is embracing robotic technology that is making that a reality, sort of.

The construction robotics market is growing at a rate expected to reach $166.4M by 2023. That value was $60M in 2017.

As industrial automation technology has grown, the innovations in machine vision have allowed the industry to expand from closely structured environments to the wildly varied world of highways and cities. The relative flexibility of a construction site, allows companies like Ekso Bionics to provide worker-assistance tool control arms to flourish.

Caterpillar recently entered the conversation by purchasing strength augmenting exoskeleton manufacturer Sacros.

These advances in technology should lead to more efficiency, and more importantly predictibility in construction timelines.

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