It’s the plight of every host city following the Olympics or World Cup: “What do we do with this huge venue now that the event is over?” Though some structures are quickly modified and repurposed, in many cases, they are left to rot, primarily due to mismanagement or lack of funds.

However, Qatar, the chosen host country for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, is hoping to change that. With eight proposed venues to choose from, the crown jewel is definitely Ras Abu Aboud Stadium. Designed by Fenwick Iribarren Architects, the stadium is set to be crafted out of—wait for it—shipping containers. They’ll first be used to transport the other crucial materials required for the structure. Then, along with some support beams, the modified shipping containers will be used to make up the majority of the build.

If that wasn’t innovative enough, following the month-long event, the 40,000-seat stadium will be carefully dismantled and removed from the site, to be rebuilt in its entirety or repurposed as a number of smaller venues elsewhere. Not all is rosy, however. There have been concerns that hosting the 2022 event in Qatar may be a political risk and claims of abuse against migrant workers are frequent. Despite the criticism, plans for the stadium continue to move forward.

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