On the first episode of Presco’s Marking Minute, we’re joined by CJ Freeman, a National Account Manager for Presco, who helps set the stage for the podcast by unpacking the company’s varied and essential product line, making a case for why marking products should be seen first and foremost as safety products.

For starters, these products do things like point out a hole or a dangerous, exposed electrical line, which protects not only the workers on that site but the general public. Presco provides everything from above-ground barricade tapes like caution tape, to below ground detectable and non-detectable tapes, flags, roll flagging to mark a trail, and anything in between. “We’re a 75-year-old company, and we’ve been doing this for a long time,” Freeman said.

Freeman believes that Presco has been in business for so long because of their quality products at the correct price point, but also because they “bring value to our customers and listen to our customers. We see our customers as partners, they are distributors of our product and we listen to them.”

What makes marking products such a powerful industry is their ability to grow alongside other market trends, like adding aerial mapping vinyls to their product line as drones became more of a standard in the market. Freeman points out their new safety fence that was designed based on customer requests, using exact specifications, as an example of how their product line reflects their customers’ needs.

For more information on how Presco values its quality and price point, why it was so important for them to have a Buy American Act compliant product, and what industries are a real challenge for their sales reps to sell to, give the first episode of Marking Minute a listen.

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