Metallic Trends Shine Bright at Element Designs

Metallics have long been an interesting way to add a certain flair to a space, and mixed metals have been trending for the past few years. Metals offer a variety of finishes to work with, and a metallic finish can create personality and shine while accenting natural light. “People are playing with light reflection and color changing overlays,” says Kristin Keeton, a CHI designer. “They love the way a surface changes color with light reflection or as you move around a room.”[1] Such raw elements can offer a fun and funky décor or provide delicate accents for a sleeker and more elegant look. The options are endless, which is part of the appeal of utilizing metals in modern design to personalize a space.

Metallics Trend: A Shining Star

 Metallic finishes are one of the primary trends in modern design, and their popularity continues to grow and find their place in the kitchen and bath, living room and bedroom, or any other space that needs an aesthetic lift. In fact, their use has become so well-loved that metals made the list of Pantone’s predicted home trends and seem to be popping up in paints and finishes in the most ordinary as well as the most surprising places. While popular in the home for the past few years, metallic finishes are also shining through in many contemporary commercial spaces as of late. Eleanor Cardwell, design guru from Newmor, explains that the warm metallics of classic brass and gold have evolved. According to Cardwell, “We’ve also started seeing hints of nickel, silver and cooler metallic tones pushing through and the mixed metal look, rose gold and copper tones taking more of a backseat.”[2]

Endless Options to Incorporate Metallics

 While this trend is huge in kitchen and bath design, metallics extend beyond finishes in these rooms and into accents, appliances, and colors used throughout a space. Opportunities for incorporating metallics are numerous—and deciding where to add a splash of shimmer and shine is half the fun. Major manufacturers are joining in with plenty of appliance options, including Jenn-Air’s oiled bronze, Whirlpool’s sunset bronze, and Viking’s graphite, for example.  Adding metallics to flooring and backsplashes can create a great foundation for using metals in décor. For those who want to kick off this eye-catching trend on a smaller scale, accent pieces such as sculptures or other conversation pieces are a great place to start.

Elegance Personified in Element Designs

Element Designs is proud of their in-depth knowledge and connection to the most innovative trends in creating an elegantly personalized space. As such, Element Designs is excited to announce new Copper, Brass, Modern Bronze, and Arctic Silver finishes available with all their contemporary aluminum pieces. These new avant-garde looks were inspired

by the mixed metals trend, and the focus is on warm metallic hues that appear in the most modern global kitchen and bathroom designs. With so many creative options, from design accents to entire surfaces, Element Designs is at the ready to transform your most treasured spaces with the new specialty coatings that effortlessly complement a variety of materials and combine beautifully with their various glass insert options. Element Designs invites you to contact them to discuss the endlessly sophisticated options available to you.

Learn more here about the innovative metallic finishes created by the professionals at Element Designs.



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