MVP’s Adhesive and Putty Line Sticks to Core Values

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Founded in 1938, Magnus Venus Products is the leading manufacturer of Composites application equipment. Last year, MVP celebrated 50 years of being incorporated and to build on that landmark anniversary, they expanded their production facilities to Knoxville, TN. At the Knoxville facility, MVP has been assembling the majority of their adhesive product line. Long a pioneer in innovation, MVP predicts continued growth in the Adhesive and Putty Line Industry and is excited about bringing even more cutting-edge products to the fore of this market.

MVP: Adhesives Are Us

MVP’s adhesive and putty line currently serves the automotive, marine, aerospace, wind, bus, truck, and rail industries. Along with composite materials and carbon fiber sectors, MVP delivers dependable, easy to use equipment that expands and streamlines adhesive processes without sacrificing quality. The Patriot line of adhesive and putty systems feature everything from a one-to-one to a ten-to-one mixing ratio, providing quality, safety, and efficiency so that businesses can remain viable in today’s competitive landscape. MVP’s cartridge filling station for bulk material can provide 40%-60% material savings via refillable cartridges, allowing businesses to use current adhesives and putties without the limitations of material packaging. And their 55-Gallon UltraBond and Putty 2000 product lines are essential to optimizing methacrylate adhesive and putty material processing, while their compact, efficient 5-Gallon Chop Check Putty System provides precise, unmatched putty application. Additionally, the Ultramax™ Barrier Coat System effortlessly dispenses sprayable syntactic materials for core replacements and barrier coats.

MVP: Family Is Us

With roots as a family company founded by Jim Hedger, Sr., MVP’s family culture continues today as a family owned and operated enterprise. The expansion in Knoxville has provided MVP the opportunity to expand their family of employees as well. Over the last year alone, MVP has made several additions to their team, and with more staff additions planned for the future.

MVP: Stick With Us

When looking for quality adhesive and putty equipment manufactured to the highest standards by a team that exemplifies excellence and family values, look to MVP. MVP strives to be the most innovative and comprehensive customer experience in the composites industry.

Customer Focused. Product Driven.



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