New Element Designs 2020 Design Catalog Announced

Charlotte, NC—2020 Design, the leading design software used by kitchen and bath designers to give life to all of their projects, is shaking up the industry by making the design process for kitchen and bath spaces dynamic and customer-centric. This powerful tool is widely used by the kitchen and bath industry, which is why Element Designs is so pleased to announce its custom aluminum door options are now available in 2020 Design software.

2020 Design includes stunning new instruments for designers and dealers, including a virtual room rendering tool. Retailers and manufacturers in the interior design industries are leveraging the platform to better capture, share, and streamline ideas throughout the entire design process.

Designers using 2020 can now easily incorporate aluminum frame glass doors into their designs.

“Our aluminum frame doors have so many frame styles, finishes and insert options that it is often challenging for the end customer to visualize custom doors and drawer fronts in their kitchen or bathroom, especially without samples,” explains Beata Klecha, VP of Marketing at Element Designs. “Our new 2020 catalog will make the design process easier for both the designer and the homeowner.”

Visit the 2020 portal by clicking here. The new catalog can be downloaded under Element Designs.

About Element Designs

Element Designs is synonymous with innovation in the kitchen & bath, commercial, hospitality industries. It is the leading custom manufacturer of architectural casework components in North America including aluminum frame cabinet doors, °eluma aluminum frame LED, backpainted glass, high gloss solid surface PARAPAN® and aluminum frame base systems.

The Element Designs manufacturing headquarters is in Charlotte, NC and its concentration is on producing high-quality aluminum frame glass doors for the cabinet and furniture industry. The company is proud to say its doors are made and assembled in the USA using domestic material suppliers.


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