Forced Air Cooling (FAC) designs have long the chosen method for helping ease the effects of increased currents within bus systems. As the most economical and efficient solution to remove heat within the isolated phase, this allows for higher current output. AZZ’s FAC’s effectively work to redistribute air quickly and improve the unit’s overall profitability.

As a single-source provider, AZZ can build, test, and install bus systems, as well as the forced-air cooling (FAC) systems they require. This comprehensive process includes an engineering analysis of the bus system to first determine if it is running at its full capability. AZZ’s well designed FAC systems help to ensure the bus system runs efficiently and improves generator output.

Perfecting Bus Systems

For more than six decades, plants and facilities internationally have relied on AZZ’s expertise and knowledge to deliver best-in-class performance within bus systems. This decades long reputation has led AZZ to be the preferred manufacturer supporting the electrical industry, providing unmatched cooling packages that increase both safety and reliability of bus systems.

When companies perform a power-up rate and the comprehensive analysis concludes that FAC of their bus system is required, turn to AZZ to accommodate the proposed higher current.

Benefits of AZZ Forced Air Cooling Systems: 

  • Higher amperages are still available to run for smaller buses
  • Forced-air cooling systems can be retrofitted to existing bus systems to achieve full output
  • Systems are custom engineered to each application’s specific requirements
  • The small footprint creates room for other pieces of equipment
  • Increased reliability delivered through 100% system redundancy
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor installation

Advantages of FAC’s:

There is no denying the popularity of forced-air cooling systems, as they are an affordable and effective way to manage a bus system. Determining if forced-air cooling is needed requires thorough research and understanding of the system at hand.

An FAC has a number of beneficial features that make it a great option for controlling air quality and temperatures in plants and facilities. The government now requires forced air systems to operate at higher efficiency levels, ensuring that AZZ’s forced air systems will work effectively, without wasting heat or hurting your bottom line.

Each AZZ forced air cooling system is engineered for optimal performance of isolated phase bus systems. As a single-source global provider of highly engineered custom services, AZZ’s best in service customization will allow for specific FAC services.

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