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When it comes to flexibility and performance, both Presco and their versatile Pres-Flex film deliver results. Pres-Flex is a fully customizable, high-performance vinyl film product with a wide range of industrial applications. Utilized in a variety of industries such as agriculture, marine, architecture, medical, and military, the benefits and quality of Pres-Flex is widely known.

The quality and flexibility of Pres-Flex products can only be matched by the people of Presco who make it all possible. Working hand-in-hand with each customer to create specialized products for each application, Presco ensures that Pres-Flex delivers the unique performance attributes required for every customer.

Pres-Flex Industrial Applications
Wherever performance is critical, Pres-Flex delivers. Presco tailors the Pres-Flex vinyl film attributes to meet the needs of the most demanding industrial applications. With the ability to precisely customize numerous aspects of extruded vinyl film, Presco has adapted the versatile Pres-Flex product to deliver results across a wide range of industries.

For example, exterior vinyl for architectural purposes requires the ability to withstand harsh environments including temperature variations, wet conditions, and intense sunlight. Presco expands upon the inherent property of PVC to resist moisture by enhancing UV resistance and adding low-temperature modifiers to create a long-lasting exterior. With the additional ability for custom pigmentation, Pres-Flex delivers both form and function.

Presco’s premium extruded vinyl films are also put to work in the personal protection equipment market by extruding a thin film used in the construction of chemical protection suits. This film must be manufactured with precision and with quality materials to produce a film free of pinholes and a flame resistant.

These are but a few examples of how Pres-Flex is delivering real results for industrial applications.

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Film
Furthering their commitment to high-performance products, Presco has recently added the ability to produce Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) film with its new extrusion capability. EVA is ideal for medical bags, inflatable mattresses, cold packs, and other applications where a PVC-free environment is necessary.

Presco is all about flexibility and performance, and Pres-Flex is no different. Pres-Flex has proven its ability to perform at the highest level across a wide variety of industrial applications including marine, agriculture, architecture, and military. By collaborating with customers to formulate the perfect PVC and EVA film solutions for their specific needs, Presco’s attention to detail and customer service are unrivaled.

Take the first step toward improving your business with Presco by contacting our team of experts today!



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