Strong R&D departments are at the core of strong companies, learning and advancing new technologies to accelerate and automate processes that help in product creation and to improve existing goods without sacrificing quality. ARC Specialties’ Technical Services R&D Lab is the optimum breeding ground for this kind of innovation, providing the tools and space necessary to inspire and analyze solutions while offering ARC clients the opportunity to substantiate processes prior to purchasing and witness potential automation opportunities to improve their operations.

Faster Cladding

Capable of depositing material at a rate of only two to three pounds per hour, the speed of typical cladding machines is often considered too cumbersome for busy companies. Precisely engineered for high-speed cladding, ARC Specialties new cladding systems—the ARC-5i, ARC-5PL, ARC-5XP, and ARC-5HVT—deposit material at eight pounds per hour. Three to four times faster than older, slower systems, multiple welding torches and wire feeds are not needed to increase deposition rates, reducing the complexity of the system and making it easier for operators to dial-in or troubleshoot.

Relying on servo motor motion to achieve a steady, uniform bead, ARC Specialties cladding solutions maintain constant welding bead placement and deposit thickness at both low and high speeds. Featuring a cutting-edge design that uses Inconel® 625 alloy, a highly corrosion-resistant nickel alloy containing chromium and molybdenum originally designed for joining applications in higher-strength steels, for its welds. With deposits of less than 5% iron, the alloy 680 wire produces a corrosion-resistant overlay with hither tensile strength and a higher hardness than the traditional standard Inconel 625.

Faster Machining with Plasma

Used for years in applications such as tool joint refurbishing, coal crusher refurbishing, weld joint preparation, and pre machining material removal, ARC Specialties is advancing the use of plasma gouging in the manufacturing environment, further cementing their place at the forefront of technology. Plasma gouging provides consistent grooves at faster operating speeds, while removing material much faster than traditional machining—25 to 100 pounds per hour—with less time spent on primary or secondary grinding work.

ARC R&D Contributes to National R&D

With at least one active R&D project running at all times for nearly forty years, ARC Specialties has an unswerving focus on research and development. ARC Specialties Technical Services R&D lab includes cladding machines, robots, multiple submerged arc welding machines, and a CNC controlled machine, providing the capability to weld almost any process. And ARC’s project expertise and equipment is sought out by a variety of customers, including the defense department and even for some of the nation’s national laboratories.

ARC Specialties furnishes one-of-a-kind machinery created through decades of R&D. It is this ongoing commitment to advancing design through R&D that has allowed ARC to consistently design the kind of machinery that transforms manufacturing processes into high-quality, high-production, high-profit operations. To learn more about ARC Specialties’ latest advancements, visit https://www.arcspecialties.com today!

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