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Today’s residential and commercial architectural projects are increasingly looking at sustainable building materials as both an environmentally-responsible option and an appealing aesthetic for design. Bamboo, a sleek, sustainable and durable material, is making waves in the AEC community; to discuss the popularity of bamboo-based building materials, host Tyler Kern sat down with Jeran Hammann, Executive Vice President and Co-developer of Illinois-based Lamboo Technologies.

Lamboo’s engineered bamboo is being used as an alternative to typical lumbers in structural applications such as large laminated beams, window and door applications, and commercial storefront curtain walls. Hammann said its unique aesthetic qualities mean it can be used for interior and exterior applications that expose the raw material.

“Lamboo, whose technology was developed here in the U.S., takes this product from a commodity into a high-end architectural application,” he said. “Other building materials are often meant to be covered over with other materials, but the beautiful thing is that this product is meant to be seen.”

While Lamboo costs more than traditional wood materials, it is on par with exotic woods from Central and South America that are often sought out for high-end architectural applications, Hammann pointed out. Plus, bamboo is more sustainable and ecologically friendly because it renews much more rapidly than more obscurely-found woods. In fact, bamboo is one of the most rapidly renewable resources on the planet.

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