The Kitchen: The Heart and Hub of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that’s all about food, fun, and family. As a result, much of the festivities and fellowship happen in the kitchen. As you welcome your guests and start simmering and baking, having a kitchen that is both functional and festive matters. How can your kitchen serve double-duty? Here are some inspiring ideas.

Is Your Kitchen Holiday Ready?

Because Thanksgiving is centered around food, the kitchen is the heart and hub of the day. This means it has to be ready for guests and lots of action. To make it as stress-free as possible, here are some tips to consider.

Prep your pantry: take a few minutes to get your pantry in order with all the materials you’ll need easily accessible.

De-clutter countertops: remove anything you don’t need for cooking so that you have plenty of room.

Cabinet cleanse: as with the pantry, take a few moments to go through your cabinets and dispose of anything you no longer use while keeping pots and pans handy.

Refrigerator refresh: it’s a good time to clean out your refrigerator and remove anything that’s old and moldy, so you’ll have plenty of room for all your ingredients.

Clean the kitchen sink: make sure your sink is empty and clean—you can also put a lemon in the disposal to ward off any bad smells.

In addition to tidying up these areas, you’ll want to make sure you have a floor clean of dust, dog hair, and grime. The last thing on your list will be to ensure that your dinnerware and glassware are ready for the big day.

Thankful Kitchen Decor Ideas

Once you have everything prepared, you can think about decorating. When it comes to a Thanksgiving table, details matter. Whether you’re a veteran holiday hostess or doing it for the first time, you’ll enjoy these décor ideas:

Unexpected centerpieces: while cornucopias are the norm, try something different with autumn flowers, pumpkins, leaves, branches, and candles.

Layer your dishes: put each plate on a larger charger for a nice framing effect.

Proper silverware: make sure each setting has all the correct knives, spoons, and forks.

Bold napkins: throw in some color with napkins or a fall-friendly pattern.

Finishing touches: include whimsical name cards, a bundle of herbs, or other small touches that are uniquely you.

How Kitchen Design Influences Your Holiday

Have you ever wondered if your kitchen were designed a certain way, would it make your life easier, especially on big holidays? You’re not alone, as kitchen design absolutely factors into the dining and social experiences. The best kitchens function the way you need them to and often offer these features:

Open kitchens: when your kitchen opens into the dining room and/or living room, it allows the cook to still maintain a presence in the other areas of the home.

The kitchen triangle: you want a clear path between the refrigerator, sink, and range for maximum efficiency.

Lighting: be sure that you have lighting that looks great but also illuminates the areas where you need it most.

Counter space: this allows for multiple prep areas so that there can be more than one cook in the kitchen.

Islands: they serve as a great space for entertaining and can be an additional prep area.

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The best part of the day is all the new memories you’ll make. The littlest of guests can help too with simple tasks in the kitchen, so they feel part of the big day. When the last plate is cleaned, and the leftovers are tucked away, you’ll be happy knowing that your kitchen was the scene of much love and laughter.

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