The MVP Single-Component Unit Offers a Better Way to Dispense Adhesives and Sealants

Magnus Venus Products (MVP) is proud to announce a new product to their Adhesive and Putty Line: The Single-Component Unit. The Single-Component Unit is a bulk material unloader which takes highly viscous adhesive and sealant materials and dispenses them onto areas manufacturers wish to bond or seal.

Before developing the Single-Component Unit, MVP surveyed manufacturers to discover the pain points they encountered when using single-component dispensing equipment in the past. These manufacturers talked about the number of people and the excessive amount of time it took to load a drum of material correctly before dispensing could take place. The cumbersome process can require two to three people, and if not done properly, can be a safety hazard for workers loading the heavy material drums. In addition, a unit could typically only be used in one location and required additional equipment if the manufacturer wanted to move it. With this in mind, the MVP engineering team at the company’s Kent location, led by Mechanical Engineer Edgar Cossio-Rojo, set to work designing a frame that made loading the drum easier and required fewer people.

The MVP Single-Component Unit is Designed with the Customer in Mind

For one company using a prototype Single-Component Unit, the number of people required to load the drum went from three to one, and the time needed to load the material was cut in half. In addition, the frame design allows users to load and unload material without having to lift the drum themselves. The drum engagement valve regulates the amount of downward force the user can apply to the ram and ensures a material drum is in place before full pumping can begin, ensuring worker safety. Increased diameter of the cylinder posts provide more downward force to the ram, allowing the equipment to pump the majority of adhesive and sealant materials on the market today. Best of all, the frame design includes wheels that make it highly portable, allowing manufacturers to move the equipment wherever it is needed.

The Benefits of the MVP Single-Component Unit

  • Loading and unloading of material is greatly simplified
  • Durable unit that provides a smoother, more consistent output
  • Cost savings on material when going from cartridges to bulk dispensing
  • Designed with a drum engagement valve to provide safety to operators
  • Kick plates keep material drum elevated from cold manufacturing floors
  • Convenient operating controls on the unit are clearly labeled and easy to use
  • Portability of unit great for manufacturers of all sizes
  • Comes in either a 55-gallon or 5-gallon version (stainless steel version also available)

The MVP Single-Component Unit is ideal for window sealing, panel bonding and roof bonding for the RV, Bus, and Trailer markets.  Manufacturers within the Marine, Container, Specialty Vehicle or Window and Door industries can use the Single-Component Unit for dispensing highly viscous materials in many additional applications.  For more information about adding the Single-Component Unit to your operation, visit Magnum Venus Products at

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