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Time renders nearly everything obsolete; this is especially true when it comes to nuclear utilities operations. A number of the nuclear power plants in the United States were built in the 1970s and 1980s. Approaching their 50-year milestones, equipment in these older stations, considered oversized by today’s standards, lacks the hardiness of younger years, becoming more vulnerable to seismic damage and electromagnetic interference, with technology that is considered antiquated at best. Each of these factors makes replacing critical components difficult as many parts are simply no longer available on the market.

Fortunately, AZZ, a leader in specialty electrical equipment and highly engineered services, offers obsolescence solutions and upgrades to older equipment in order to meet the specialized needs of aging power plants.

Nuclear Obsolescence

Roughly 104 nuclear power plants provide 20% of the current U.S. energy mix, supplying safe and low carbon electricity to consumers.[1] These stations are reaching three, four, even five decades of service, and during their lifetime, safety and component regulations have evolved. The companies that provided original equipment may not be in business today, they may no longer be compelled to ensure critical pieces comply with current government regulations, or they can only offer advanced technologies that may be incompatible with the needs of older power plants.

How AZZ Solves Obsolete Equipment Challenges

There are three ways AZZ Nuclear helps nuclear utilities solve the problem of obsolete equipment.

  • AZZ’s skilled experts can craft a similar component. For instance, if a plant needs to replace an obsolete globe valve, AZZ Nuclear has the means to fabricate a similar one that functions just like the obsolete model.
  • AZZ Nuclear can repair or upgrade poor performing equipment. If an aged valve is delivering subpar performance, their engineers can upgrade it with a modern metal-seated ball valve or triple-offset butterfly valve.
  • For obsolete equipment requiring spare parts, AZZ Nuclear has the ability to reverse-engineer worn or damaged originals and use the design to create the necessary components.

Over the past 60 years, AZZ has established a reputation for delivering essential products and services both reliably and efficiently. With replacement solutions for over 10,000 obsolete components, AZZ can help keep nuclear power plants safe and operational for decades to come. Visit online to learn more about AZZ’s nuclear equipment supply.



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