Tips for Reducing Cabin Noise in Your Work Vehicle

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Whether you’re a frequent road tripper, have a long commute on your way to work, or work from your car, everyone can agree a noisy experience can be the make the difference between a pleasant ride and a never-ending headache of a journey. Noise from within your vehicle’s cabin can result from mechanical or environmental issues. Thankfully, there are several ways to identify and fix the noise problem to make sure your next ride will be one you don’t want to end.

Be Mindful of Mechanical Problems

First, and most importantly, look at your vehicle’s main systems. Often, loud or persistent noises are indicative of mechanical issues. Defective and worn out exhaust systems are notorious for creating obnoxious cabin noise. Tire wheels and a vehicle’s suspension are also common culprits for creating unnecessary cabin noise. Consequently, it’s important to keep track of a tire’s tread and perform regular suspension and alignment checks. Taking your car to get assessed by a mechanic can help identify any major problems before the cabin noise turns into an expensive trip to the shop.

Sound-Proof for Maximum Peace

For workers who drive trucks and commercial vehicles for a living, comfort is priority number one. If mechanical issues and tires don’t cause the problem, the excess sound could likely be a result of wind noise and inadequate infrastructure. For this, there are several options available for drivers to further soundproof their vehicles. While many commercial work vehicles will already have sound deadening features, there are many aftermarket panels available for ceilings, doors, and walls.

Pay Attention to the Source

The firewall between the engine and cabin can be a significant source of noise, so adding panels or replacing worn ones can significantly help quiet any cabin. For commercial van drivers, installing a partition can not only help cool and heat a cabin more efficiently, but also separates you from any noise in the cargo area. This can bring a peaceful relief for hour-long trips filled with loud, clinking materials.

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