Top KBIS Bathroom Trends 2019

KBIS 2019, the Premier Kitchen and Bath Design Event, provided a great venue to see the top bathroom trends of 2019. As the largest trade show focused exclusively on kitchen and bath design, each year it is the place to be for those who are passionate about kitchen and bathroom trends, and this year was no exception. Attendees have access to what’s hot in the industry, and exhibitors consider it the ultimate destination for idea exchanging, professional networking, and business building.

Caesarstone is always excited to participate in this prestigious event. Here are some of the top bathroom trends for 2019 according to the design pros at KBIS this year.


Dan Brunn Architecture

Technology is still huge in 2019. A Best of Show KBIS award went to Flotation Tub with ZERO DIMENSION by TOTO. As one of the hottest bathroom trends for 2019, this tub is crafted from Galaline, TOTO’s man-made marble. This elegant design offers a weightless bath experience that simulates zero gravity. Ideal for relaxation, this tub’s almost unbelievable ability to reduce the load on the joints is a perfect prescription for wellness and healing––another bath trend for 2019.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the newest technology? Then you’re not alone. While an emerging notion in the design world is that customers have reached a satiety point with technology and are beginning to feel a bit tech-weary, smarter can mean simpler, including the smart bathroom trend. Many of the hottest devices support the less-is-more concept that is prevailing when it comes to the newest technologies in the home.


Larisa McShane and Associates

Oscar Wilde said, “Mere color can speak to the soul in a thousand ways.” The power of color has long been cogent in the design world, and its psychology will likely continue to inform trends. Color truly reflects culture and as such will always be a driving force in how we create the spaces we cherish most. That’s why a huge bathroom trend for 2019 is the liberal use of color, and not just on the walls. Colorful cabinetry was everywhere at KBIS, as well as bold and bright doors. In regard to bathroom colors for 2019, there are plenty of options.

The neutral palette is still stylish—and using all one color in a space but in diverse textures creates a unique look. Additionally, the bold, black bathroom is a classic trend that never goes out of style, invoking “an indulgent high-end experience.” In addition, a bold and brightly patterned statement wall in a bathroom can transform that space. Emerald green is definitely a hot contemporary color as well. And finally, metallic shades are an interesting bathroom trend for 2019, and according to Bria Hammel of Bria Hammel Interiors, “copper is becoming the new brass in interior design.” She added, “We love to use warm and cool tones when we’re designing. I think it adds life to the space and just makes it timeless.”

Textures and Finishes

The New American Home

Mixed metals made a splash a few years ago, and they haven’t lost momentum just yet. For the timid, a great mindset to adopt is the balance of warm and cool tones. And softer finishes like matte gold, champagne, and pewter have made a splash in the bathroom too. In addition, whether it is wallpaper or tile or any surface between, texture is a major bathroom design trend in 2019. Says the design team at, “Texture adds depth and visual interest, taking spaces from boring to brilliant without much effort.” The combination of masculine and feminine details also made a striking statement at KBIS, and the Kohler booth explored this trend in its surfaces by showcasing “patterned sink aprons in a menswear-inspired herringbone tile paired with Ella countertops, a marble alternative with delicate gray veining on a grayish-white backdrop,” definitely a softer, more feminine finish.

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