Step-up transformers at power plants are costly to change out, and it can be incredibly expensive if not done efficiently and effectively, and with the best possible equipment. It is no secret that damage from premature failure can far exceed replacement costs; you can lose production time, your credibility can be damaged, and you can even face regulatory fines and lawsuits. That’s why it is vitally important to be sure you have experts on hand to ensure installation is done as perfectly as possible.

Keeping Safe and Running

A transformer failure is a High-Impact, Low-Frequency (HILF) event. While a HILF event (which can include malicious attacks, natural disasters, and accidents) by definition doesn’t happen all that often when it does happen, the impact is huge. Making sure your step-up transformers are properly installed will help you avoid having a HILF event on your hands.

Having experts help you with installation is necessary not just when you get a new transformer, but also if and when you have to rely on your spares until that new transformer comes in. Those spares will have to be installed properly for them to work well and long enough. The proper expert can tell you how safe the spare transformers are and whether you can expect them to work until you receive the new transformers.

Whatever way you intend to prepare, it’s important that you have experts in bus and transformer changeout helping you when it’s time to do so. You will need a bus systems expert there to ensure that everything is well-connected, allowing you to avoid facing a HILF event.

The AZZ Solution

AZZ is your trusted resource in the step-up transformer replacement process. AZZ Bus Systems provide you with the exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and superior design necessary to keep your transformers running for as long as possible. AZZ provides engineering, design, manufacturing, and installation services, including new terminations, high amperage Isolated Phase Bus (IPB) connections to the new bushings, new short runs of IPB, anti-vibration connections, possible structural modifications, and new flex connectors. All of this helps to ensure your high-quality transformers are performing at their best.

As the manufacturer and installer of leading bus systems, AZZ is highly qualified to provide high-quality transformer replacement. Experienced technicians can assist with every step of the process, including situation evaluation and solution recommendations, working with your experts to make sure the project is handles safely and seamlessly when it comes to disconnecting the old transformer and connecting the new transformer on the existing bus system. With an exemplary safety record and the knowledge and expertise to ensure all the work is completed effectively, efficiently, and safely, AZZ is the only bus systems experts you will ever need.

To learn more about how AZZ can help you with your transformer needs, please visit us at https://azz.com/blog  today!

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