We read article after article stating the biggest problem for fab shops is the difficulty filling skilled-labor jobs.  In May of 2017, Industry Week posted that an estimated 2.7 million jobs are likely to be needed as a result of retirements of the existing workforce, while over 700,000 jobs are likely to be created due to natural business growth.  The article continues to explain there’s a perception or stigma that manufacturing is outdated, legacy work that is of little interest to the new breed of workers and the skilled-labor shortage has turned into a perfect storm threatening to impeded a manufacturer’s ability to deliver on customer demand.

Here are a few common responses that we hear regarding dedicated, traditional robotic cells:

  • We run small batches of parts that would take too long to program on a robot.
  • I don’t have enough work or I can’t afford to keep a full time robot programmer on staff.
  • Takes up too much floor space, too expensive, and too complicated.

As a “solutions provider” in the world of metal fabrication, we have embraced the latest cobot or collaborative robot technology by creating a low cost robotic welding and cutting solution we call SnapWeld and SnapCut.  These systems incorporate all the necessary hardware and software to implement collaborative robotic welding or cutting.  Allowing our customers a choice to implement automation in their fab shop that is simple, cost effective, and flexible.

Development of the collaborative robot solution has made the implementation of robotic welding, cutting, material removal, and material handling extremely simple…simple to implement and simple to operate.  In fact, you could perform all of these processes with the same robot!  Move the robot throughout the shop, taking on different applications when needed.

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