With just two weeks left in the decade, the data is in on just about every business category.

Rent Café tallied the numbers on residential construction and found that 2.4 million units were delivered in the 2010s, the biggest boom since the 1980s. However, the report noted that the average newly-built apartment size decreased by 57 square feet.

Moving over to the athletics world, advanced sports tech firm Atrium Sports has acquired Synergy Sports Technology, a leading analytics provider.

CNBC says the deal allows Synergy to access Atrium’s platform of comprehensive data and advanced automated video production, create new content and offer more commercial opportunities.

Synergy’s existing clients include the NBA, MLB and NCAA.

And the last few industry trade shows of the year are taking place in the next two weeks, including Construction Super Conference.

That event is underway currently and runs through December 18 in Southern California.

The opening keynote will be delivered by Alec Ross, a bestselling author and Visiting Professor at King’s College London.