From Dirt to Dishes in Record Time


When a restaurant group or retail chain wants to build a series of new locations, how do they go about securing the properties and completing the construction? There are a number of pitfalls to navigate and complexities to be aware of in this process.

Anthony Amunategui and Vinny Catullo joined Tyler Kern to discuss how CDO Group helps some of the world’s most recognizable brands achieve their expansion goals in record time.

“Every one of the deals we look at has individual little values…so we really try to look at projects holistically,” said Amunategui. He went on to emphasize the need to have a process in place for how to approach every project rather than shooting from the hip, which he says wastes time and resources.

CDO Group is pushing the envelope and moving the industry forward when it comes to cutting down on construction times. Vinny Catullo highlighted the importance of the work letter in avoiding unforeseen issues and keeping a project on track, allowing it to be completed in as little time as possible.

“The goal was to get one group of projects down from six weeks to 21 days, and then down to 11 days,” said Amunategui. This emphasis on precision, speed and efficiency is beneficial for all the parties involved, including the contractors, who are able to move on to new projects more quickly.

“I think the biggest thing we do at CDO Group is…we look for people that are constantly challenging themselves,” said Catullo. “We’re questioning all different areas of our process, the construction process, our clients’ process so we make that better.”

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