Lighting control has come a long way over the years. While many still associate the term ‘control’ with the ability to dim fixtures to a custom level, the industry has moved far past that today. LED technology has opened new possibilities in the space, which include the ability to alter the color and temperature of light.

Metrocon 2019 speaker and system designer for Dallas Sight & Sound Bill O’Connor believes this is an exciting time for the industry.

“This is a revolutionary step compared to what we’ve seen for the last 100 years since the light bulb was invented,” he said.

Different lighting temperatures and colors have unique effects on distinct surfaces and can even effect people’s moods and health. The ability to control lighting in all its aspects is also changing business environments. O’Connor said the industry has embraced these opportunities as the technology has improved.

“It’s very accessible at this point, there are a large number of manufacturers who have jumped into this. Big manufacturers, well known within the lighting industry,” O’Connor noted.

Much like televisions became slimmer, higher-quality and cheaper, O’Connor sees lighting moving in a similar direction. However, the LED lighting market still has to overcome some common misconceptions that stem from its past, making Metrocon 2019 an important educational opportunity for O’Connor and the lighting industry as a whole.

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