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Alice Iversen

Digital Marketing Strategist MarketScale

AV Solutions At The Forefront Of Hybrid Workspaces


In today’s rapidly evolving work environment, the push for hybrid workspaces is more pronounced than ever. As businesses grapple with the challenges of integrating remote and in-office employees, the demand for and adoption of advanced audio-visual (AV) solutions has skyrocketed. On this episode of Tech UnrAVeled, hosts Joshua Herring and Lianna Russell of Vistacom sit down with Matt Boyer, Vistacom’s Director of Technology, to discuss the AV solutions via the transformative impact of technologies like Microsoft Teams rooms and the rise of all-in-one video bars. Boyer, with his three-decade experience at Vistacom, sheds light on the significance of these innovations in facilitating seamless communication and collaboration, as the lines between physical and virtual workspaces continue to blur.

Article by Rafael Abreu

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