10 Minutes to a Better Building: What Can Your Open Controls Systems Do for You?

On this episode of 10 Minutes to a Better Building, host Michelle Dawn Mooney talks with Katie Kimmel, Account Executive at Boland, and Matt Hinkle, Controls Technician at Boland. The topic at hand are open controls systems, which allow building owners more choice and options when it comes to maintenance and assistance.

Katie describes open control systems as a flexible control system “where you can go and purchase different products from different distributors, different solutions, applications, different services, and have different service providers throughout the life cycle of a control system.” This same flexibility also makes it easier for customers to get in touch with technicians, as they can also choose remote help whenever they need it.

However, control systems are not simple, which means there are things that must be taken into account when working with them. “Customers have…a lot of challenges when it comes to how they want to bridge maybe different OT systems in their building, if they’ve got…a particular building automation system but they have something that they need to bridge that data acquisition,” says Matt on the handling of open control systems. “So we can come in with open type[s] of platforms and give them scalable solutions to help them execute whatever it is that they need, if it’s trending, just to make decisions, alarms, whatever that solution is we’re here to help them, and we have opportunities to be able to bridge that gap.”

Key Points:

-Open control systems give costumers more options for products and services.

-Customers can choose technicians to assist them remotely.

-Boland is aware of the challenges customers face with maintaining buildings.

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