Are Federal Loans the Key for Building Managers to Improve Their Carbon Footprint


Improving a building’s carbon footprint helps on multiple fronts. It saves money by reducing energy needs, helps the environment, and allows the building to maintain consistent power during electrical grid uncertainties. So what can building owners and companies do to improve their building’s carbon footprint?

Here to give insights on MarketScale is Mark Chung, Co-founder & CEO, Verdigris, an artificial intelligence IoT platform that makes buildings smarter and more connected while reducing energy consumption and costs. He talked about how federal loans can be used to improve a building’s carbon footprint and how reducing water use plays into green building strategies without being subject to unpredictable fluctuation.

“I would say the strategy that has the most consistent and large impact is anything that can be used to target electricity or energy consumption,” Chung said. “Those are typically the areas where there’s the most amount of inefficiency and the area where energy audits tend to be focused.”

With technology getting more inexpensive and the ability to deploy ongoing energy metering and analytics, these are the areas where Chung encourages folks to invest. These tools provide continuous data and analysis on a larger time scale.

“Energy audits provide a one-time tune-up, whereas continuous persistent commissioning enables people to keep those savings and continuously improve and to identify additional areas,” Chung said.

When it comes to reducing water usage, it’s a little bit more complicated. One strategy is to have a metering and monitoring tool because there are numerous reasons why water fluctuates. It can be seasonal and occupant driven, so it’s best to figure out that data on an ongoing basis, allowing a company to target strategies for these variables.

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