B2B Back to School: Exploring the Linear Communication Strategy


Key Quotes:

  • 01:12-01:30 – “If you think about it, what is one of the safest environments you can think of?”
  • 03:45-04:09 – “The challenges are, how easy is it to generate an announcement?”
  • 07:45-08:20 – “Aside from security, standards-based technology is extremely important.”
  • 18:09-18:33 – “The notifications are sent out and it runs as a service. So, all of the sudden regardless of what they are doing it’s going to pop up.”

Schools communicate with their student population through a public address system every day. This method has for generations been the easiest and most effective way to relay messages, but modern safety risks have exposed major weaknesses.

In an emergency situation, this linear communication strategy can be a severe weakness.

Communication methods are changing as technology becomes more prevalent in schools, keeping children safe during chaotic times.

Mizzen Marketing Director of Technology Doug Hall has seen how schools and businesses are implementing new communication devices and strategies to shore up safety measures.

“One size doesn’t fit all. For different markets you need application-specific functionality. Things like your airport schedules and class schedules are different, the type of announcements that occur,” Hall said.

Hall is also a manufacturers representative for AtlasIED, a commercial audio provider that specializes in mass notification systems.

Software is revolutionizing how emergency messaging is received. Even parents can be alerted through text messages and email alerts in real time. By managing the emergency alert system remotely, schools are not susceptible to an intruder blocking the public address system. This is making communication more reliable and faster in the process.

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