Convenience Stores Have Become An Essential Part of Our Daily Lives

February 15, 2023

Convenience stores (C Stores) have become an essential part of our daily lives, offering a variety of products and services around the clock. However, the increasing demand for energy to maintain their operations is becoming a significant concern for the environment and store owners. According to DSO Electric, over 75 percent of the energy used in C Stores is for lighting and refrigeration, leading to higher bills and costs.

To address this issue, ENTOUCH’s CEO, Jon Bolen, and EVP of Sales and Marketing, Todd Brinegar, recently appeared on the “ENTOUCH” podcast to discuss how C Store owners can become more energy-efficient while meeting customer demands.

In the interview, Brinegar explained how the evolution of C Stores has expanded beyond walk-in coles to full sit-down meals and groceries, requiring more energy to operate. “The marketplace is demanding that convenience stores begin to adapt,” he said. “The idea of sustainability and energy savings is really permeating everything we do and everything we buy.”

Bolen emphasized the importance of energy-efficient solutions and sustainability for C Store owners, suggesting that they leverage technology to monitor and control their energy consumption, such as ENTOUCH’s smart building solutions. “By using data and analytics, we can help store owners make informed decisions and reduce energy consumption, ultimately saving costs,” he added.

By adopting energy-efficient practices and technologies, C Store owners can not only save on energy bills but also contribute to environmental sustainability. “Energy savings is a key element of sustainability, and sustainability is the future,” Brinegar said.

ENTOUCH is a provider of smart building solutions, including cloud-based software, monitoring equipment, and energy management services, helping businesses reduce energy consumption, improve operational efficiency, and optimize asset performance. ENTOUCH’s solutions have been deployed in thousands of locations across the United States, including restaurants, retail stores, and convenience stores.

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