Mining oil and gas is essential to human civilization currently. However, the public does not often think of the massive machinery and equipment that are responsible for energy infrastructure, and thus make the modern lifestyle viable.

This equipment, most often large, is also fragile and must be cared for. Today, we dive into how vital it is to keep this equipment in lasting condition and how these machines are cared for.

Kevin Piel, Director of Business Development for KPS Global, joins the podcast to expand upon equipment enclosures and how the company stays on top of keeping oil, gas, wastewater, and renewables accessible today and for years to come.

Energy knows no time zone. Sometimes mining happens in the world’s most remote corners and its harshest environments. From Alaska to Northern Canada and beyond, KPS Global must go where the equipment goes.

Piel points out that KPS Global’s enclosures must protect against these harsh conditions. Enclosures are crucial to protecting these machines and equipment from the wear and tear of Mother Nature. If left out in the environment, the equipment is prone to fail. Because of these specific needs, KPS Global has created panels that are compact for travel to even the most remote areas. The panels are modular and insulated and can fit the unique contours of specific equipment. With pre-fabricated panels, it becomes easier to assemble them onsite.

Panels, in and of themselves, are energy efficient, Piel said. The very act of preserving equipment to have a longer life reduces waste. With a network of educated professionals around the country, KPS Global can deploy installation experts in the area to help with safe setup and installation of the protective panels. No matter the environment, be it desert, forest, or in an urban city, KPS Global has the enclosure to blend into its surroundings, making it the invisible heroes of energy infrastructure.

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