Fortis Celebrates 20 Years of Roof Performance and Financial Certainty

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DENVER (February 14th, 2023) –  September 2023 will mark two decades of success and performance for Fortis, as the industry leader continues to surpass market expectations heading into the company’s second decade in business. Privately held, Fortis is the only company to offer roof performance solutions with long-term guarantees that are backed by global leader, Lloyds of London, as an alternative to traditional replacement.

“Last year brought big changes for us,” said Rick Lewis, President and CEO, who founded Fortis in 2003.  “We rebranded, launched a new website, quadrupled our sales, expanded our expertise with new personnel, and built and staffed a new Solutions Center here in Denver to better serve our customers.  We’re very excited to have even more to celebrate heading into our 20th year.”

Fortis offers a comprehensive range of roof performance programs that provide financial security, extend the life of customers’ roofs, and make a significant impact on ROI.  Rather than replace a roof prematurely, Fortis roof performance programs feature extensive initial and ongoing reconditioning for commercial buildings as an alternative to traditional replacement, allowing customers to save 60-70% of capital investment and eliminate excessive and premature expenditures.

Fortis can also help asset managers achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals, and since their inception have offset nearly two million metric tons of carbon (C02) and prevented nearly 830,000 metric tons of toxic waste from going into landfills.

Using 20-years of proprietary roof system data in its underwriting process, its unique Fortis Roof Risk Assessment (FRRA) app with roof scoring algorithm process, and third-party lab testing, Fortis has helped customers save more than $500 million in capital roof replacement costs, with an average ROI of over 250%.

As a testament to their success heading into their 20th year, more than 70 percent of Fortis business is from repeat customers with large building portfolios. “Fortis adjusts their work to fit our production schedule, which minimizes disruption. That makes a huge difference and makes doing my job easier,” said Darren Gonsalves, Director of Facilities Engineering, Coca-Cola Consolidated. “Working with Fortis saves us money, gives us a predictable budget, and keeps us focused on what we do best. That’s win-win, really.”

Fortis is currently improving performance and increasing ROI for customers at more than 4,800 locations, with more than 350 strategic contractor partners, and over 140 million square feet protected, including many Fortune 500 companies that have turned to Fortis to save money, gain financial certainty, and extend the life of their existing roofs.

“Twenty years goes by pretty quickly when you love what you’re doing,” said Lewis. “We’re thrilled to be growing right alongside our customers and offering them the type of savings and solutions that well-managed companies like theirs so rightfully deserve. We’re looking forward to the next 20!”


Fortis is the only company to offer roof performance solutions that feature extensive initial and ongoing reconditioning for commercial buildings as an alternative to traditional replacement, with long-term performance guarantees that are backed by global leader, Lloyds of London.  Fortis has more than 350 strategic contractor partners, and more than 70 percent of the Fortis business is from repeat customers with large building portfolios.  Fortis solutions provide a promise of roof performance and financial certainty, guaranteed. These proven solutions save money by reducing capital spending, while providing proven performance, and significant return on investment (ROI).  Fortis works with customers for Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments, including Solar Integration, Carbon Credits and more. For more information, visit on the web at or call 720-505-2600.



Lori Keenan

Smarthinking PR for Fortis


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