HVAC systems have become an even hotter topic of conversation in the wake of the novel coronavirus and the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic. Can an HVAC system filter air? How should air be circulated? As businesses, school campuses and more reopen, when’s the last time the HVAC system was even considered?

Denny Baumgart, VP of Technical Services for AirTight FaciliTech, is likely as qualified as anyone to tackle those questions.

AirTight FaciliTech focuses its maintenance of facilities’ HVAC systems on safety, health and energy efficiency, helping promote sustainability without sacrificing performance.

Trained vocationally, Baumgart originally envisioned himself a carpenter. However, the HVAC industry proved to be his true passion, and he’s now seen a lengthy career’s worth of innovation and progress.

“Our industry is always changing, and we always have to be on that curve of learning and progressing,” he said.

Hands-on training via virtual reality, leaps in technology, and more are powering that progress, and it’s now incumbent upon the next generation of HVAC professionals to leverage those tools – combined with the knowledge of those who came before – to bring powerful results not only as a new normal dawns, but well into the future.

“It’s a long road, and it’s a good journey,” Baumgart said.

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