As we collectively march toward a resumption of business as usual – or at least an approximation of it that’s likely to result in a “new normal” in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, providing employees and guests with the tools they need to keep themselves and others as safe as possible will be critical.

In many cases, this could mean installing hand sanitizer stations or adding more such stations even in cases where some were already present, giving occupants a way to clean their hands even during situations when recommended hand washing practices can’t be employed.

Devices like the Antunes Hand Sanitizer Stand can aid in those efforts.

The stand, designed to hold hand sanitizer dispensers up to one gallon, accommodate single or dual-sided dispensing and provide occupants with a quick and simple way to disinfect, assembles easily. The stand’s adjustable locking brackets keep dispensers secure, ensuring proper functionality.

When installed in high-traffic areas and at entries, devices like the Antunes Hand Sanitizer Stand promote health and wellness and will be a part of our collective post-pandemic future.

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