Host Tyler Kern spoke with Valerie Anderson, President and Managing Director of Boon Edam, about how businesses can build successful company cultures. Anderson’s more than a decade’s worth of experience in the building entrances and security industry gave her a first-hand opportunity to learn the secrets of what goes into a successful company culture.

“People are one of the great assets we have in an organization, and I think the way we continue to develop our people and attach them to the vision of the company is what gives them a sense of self-worth,” Anderson said.

She described her leadership role as putting herself in the employee’s shoes, and envisioning a culture they’d want to work in. Anderson put emphasis on company vision and the importance of ensuring not only all employees understand the vision but are in the right positions to use their talents to further that vision.

Later in the conversation, Anderson mentioned how successful company cultures should be customer-centric to the point of obsession. “It’s taking every part of your organization, no matter what your role is, and getting you to think, how would I want this customer interaction to go if I were in their shoes,” said Anderson.

Anderson wrapped up the conversation by discussing how she overcame various business challenges on her leadership path.

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