Keep Your Building Controls Up-To-Date

While there are plenty of new buildings constructed every year, chances are you’re working with an older building.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, 50% of commercial buildings in the country are 40 years old or older. That means their building controls may also be lagging behind the times.

“Systems degrade over time, which makes your building more expensive to operate and more energy inefficient,” said Joey Ponton, Controls Account Executive for Boland. “Addressing buildings’ shortcomings can be the first step in identifying these inefficiencies and creating a plan to make your building work better for you.”

It’s similar to a cell phone, Ponton said. At time of purchase, it probably was the latest and the greatest on the market, but, over time, it’s being outpaced by new developments taking place in the sector. Your photos from the camera that was top of the line two years ago may look blurry compared to the shots your neighbor is getting.

In buildings, one of the biggest areas of growth is in remote access to controls, something that not only is convenient but also has provided plenty of peace of mind during the pandemic.

“In 2020, we found out just how important it is to be able to work remotely, and if your system’s not capable of allowing you remote access, you were in a hard spot last year and moving forward,” Ponton said.

Boland works with clients of all sizes, whether a single building or a campus comprised of several facilities, to determine exactly what their needs are and make sure their building controls are meeting the needs of the present and the future, not the past.

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