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Active shooter incidents in the US are a tragic reality and a brewing concern for almost everyone, whether you’re a teacher at a school or an employee at a large corporation. In 2018 alone, America grieved over 27 incidents in 16 different states. As a result of growing concerns, businesses, schools, and universities are looking for additional protection against these unpredictable and unfortunate events. On this episode of the Building Management podcast, we discussed the benefits of “layered security,” with guest Greg Schreiber, senior vice president of sales for Boon Edam Inc.

“When you have a bullet go off, seconds are important,” Schreiber said, encouraging the fact that multiple layers of security around and within a building are vital to stalling an active incident. Perhaps most important in preventing these events from accelerating is the first line of defense–the building itself.

This is where Boon Edam Inc. comes in, specializing in ballistic glass and restricted-access door entry. Most shooters enter through unmanned doors, or by “piggy-backing,” onto employees with secure entry cards. Schreiber discussed the Boon Edam technology that allows only one employee in the door at a time.

“You’ll know exactly who’s in the building. Because you’ll have that through your access control system,” Schreiber said. This sort of information is crucial to preventing shooters from entering a building, as well as giving insight to law enforcement when identifying who is on property.

“Most active shooters rely on the confusion that occurs in the event,” Schreiber said. But safety need not be confusing. With awareness and an action plan, workplaces and institutions of learning can be prepared and preventative against these devastating events.

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