Position Imaging Brings Secure 24/7, Contactless Package Pick Up To Residents At The Dime

STRATHAM, NH – November 17, 2020  – Position Imaging, Inc, a pioneer in logistics fulfillment and asset tracking, today announced that The Dime, a 23-story mixed-use building at 209 Havemeyer Street in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York has selected its Smart Package Room. The intuitive package management system leverages unique computer vision technology to track packages and ensure secure resident delivery and retrieval—without unnecessary person-to-person contact. Contactless Package Pickup in under 20 seconds, view how safe and easy it is: https://bit.ly/2U7cY1h.
As part of The Dime’s residential amenities program, the Smart Package Room eliminates inefficient basic package rooms that require human interaction to retrieve items. Couriers simply scan package labels at the Smart Package Room to automatically assign items and notify residents of arrival. Computer vision technology watches each package until residents scan their QR Codes at the smart kiosk showing package location within the package room. The Smart Package Room with laser guidance provides visual and audio prompts to ensure the correct item is picked up.
 “The convenience and speed of the Smart Package Room, combined with the freedom of secure access to our building will allow residents of The Dime to live safely and comfortably, with the best amenities the industry has to offer,” said Nicholas Silvers, Founding Partner of Tavros Holdings. “Adding a scalable convenient package room has become critical to our residents as they depend more and more on goods delivered directly to their home.”
In addition, The Dime has selected a video intercom system from ButterflyMX, a Position Imaging partner. The mobile access security system uses QR codes for guest access, resident directories, and video calling. Both systems offer contactless operation using the residents’ mobile devices.
“Position Imaging is proud to be part of The Dime’s efforts to create an efficient and intuitive package delivery experience for their residents,” said Ned Hill, CEO of Position Imaging. “The Smart Package Room handles the package fulfillment allowing staff to take care of the residents. The Dime is a pioneer in NYC providing the Smart Package Room for its residents, reducing staff obligations to manage packages, enabling them more time for their core mission; providing best-in-industry service. The efficiency, accessibility, and contactless pickup give residents the convenience and independence they expect in their package delivery process.”
About Position Imaging
Position Imaging is a technology company focused on innovations to improve the logistics industry. The company opened its research lab in Portsmouth, NH in 2006 and has been quietly creating the most advanced, accurate and novel tracking technologies in the world. Its first product, Smart Package Room®, has been a huge success in the multi-unit residential market and is now being adapted to retail through iPickup® to improve BOPIS and related eCommerce fulfillment operations. www.Position-Imaging.com
About The Dime
The Dime is a contemporary, 23-story terra-cotta and glass tower architecturally intertwined with the landmarked 1908 Dime Savings Bank. Jointly developed by Charney Companies and Tavros Holdings, and designed by Fogarty Finger, The Dime offers 177 extraordinary apartments with an abundance of lifestyle amenities, rooted into the creative and cultural fabric of one of New York City’s most vibrant neighborhoods. At the base of the structure, adjoining the historic bank building, is a five-story podium that accommodates office and retail space. For more information visit www.thedime.com.

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