Introducing: Straight Outta Crumpton with Greg Crumpton


Greg Crumpton, people promoter, dot connector, technology enthusiast, Kaizen Practitioner and VP of Critical Facilities and Technology at Service Logic, joins Tyler Kern of MarketScale for a preview episode outlining what’s to come in a new podcast show entitled “Straight Outta Crumpton”.

“Over the last year or so, we’ve done several podcasts with the company that I work for, which is an awesome company. But this is, you know, a little bit more in my particular vein of what I do, and that’s more about people—it’s more about relationships, and in particular, how those relationships play in our day-to-day lives—in work as well as personal.”

With 38 years in the HVAC & mechanical industry, Greg has come across a multitude of great people, forging and nurturing unique, long-term interpersonal relationships within the HVAC sector that extend back over the years to form what could be referred to as ‘a tribe of trust’.

“It’s all about the people that you trust and, you know, most people can hold that little basket of trust in two hands, and there’s a couple of dozen people in there that you feel like are in your tribe. Then you hope to implore your feeling and your sentiment of giving back to that tribe, where then they reach out to a half-dozen or two dozen people in their hands. You just try to spread it through a grassroots level because it really is hand-to-hand combat.”

With at least 13 guests lined up to join future “Straight Outta Crumpton” podcast episodes, Crumpton is excited about the diversity of personalities that will be showcased. From “the King of Sales” Jeffrey Gitomer—both a personal friend and world-renowned business and sales coach that focuses on interpersonal relationships and how to engage with people, to a business partner that will chat about how his and Crumpton’s relationship grew over time, as well as an up and coming 28-year old architect that is changing the skyline of Charlotte, NC.

Says Crumpton, “We got really, I think, a strong lineup, so looking forward to kicking it (the podcast) off.” He goes on to say, “MarketScale does such a good job of working with us and helping bring common people like me the ability to talk to the masses on things that may or may not be relevant, but if one person gets one nugget out of a conversation, then mission accomplished.”

Stay tuned for the first episode of “Straight Outta Crumpton” coming soon and be sure to subscribe to MarketScale’s Building Management podcast to get more in-depth commentary on the hot topics and groundbreaking innovations transforming the industry.

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