Strategic Accounts—A Role for Everyone

Service Logic’s Elizabeth Barber, Operations & Communications Manager, and Sarah Craver, Accounting Assistant, spoke with host Hilary Kennedy on the importance of everyone’s role in running strategic accounts in the HVAC industry. It’s an industry that’s found itself in the spotlight since the pandemic hit in early 2020. Indoor air quality is a huge focus, and Barber and Craver noted the increase in demand for HVAC services.

“It’s been exciting in our division, in particular. We’re strategic services,” Barber said. “We are not a mechanical contractor in our particular business unit, but we work with mechanical contractors across the country and in Canada. As our customers have come to us looking for solutions for indoor air quality, we have been partnering with our service providers in providing those solutions.”

While Craver serves in an accounting capacity, she said that it is, in many ways, a customer service role, too.

“We deal with some vendors that are really large companies and smaller mom-and-pop companies,” Craver said. “Just building on that relationship, it’s more than business. We genuinely care. Working with our subsidiaries and our partners, I’ve gotten to know some of them pretty well. The customer service and relationship part of our jobs help grow our business even more.”

Although some may not think of the HVAC industry as traditionally a woman-centric field, Barber and Craver proved assumptions aren’t always correct.

“There are so many roles (for women),” Barber said. “It is gratifying to see more and more women getting into the field aspect of the skilled trades, working on sites and learning all that, because I do believe the skilled trades are going to be where it’s at for the next 20-30 years.”

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